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Star plus DJ's which is based out of Chicago but has Djs in other states has horrible customer service.

I was planning a wedding for my wife and I in the Virginia Beach area, but we are from NY. I found them online and they had ok reviews and were in the budget we set. After the contract was signed, that is when they started going down hill. They would not return my calls, then they withdrew their fee twice from my account. After talking to James who it seems is the owner, he asked me to send him a check instead as they are having problems with their debt card company, I then sent him the check only to see that they again took the money out again. I called him and he stated that he would rip up the check. 5 months later he cashed my check and had not returned any of my calls.

The DJ that was sent was terrible too, he thought he was in a club and would not slow down the music for the older people at the party as well as he messed up the opening intros. The dj did not play off of our sound list and when asked to play "wonderful tonight" by eric Clapton, he did know who he was.

NEVER use this company!!!!!

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My husband and I also booked Star Plus Djs for our wedding.We had a contract with James Coffman and even met him but he did not show up the night of our wedding.

Needless to say I left many not nice voicemails for ruining our wedding.No returb calls here either, I DO NOT recommend them at all!


James Coffmann was to be our the 45th reunion of Riverside-Brookfield H.S.

held in LaGrange, Il. last Saturday (Oct.1). I knew from other postings that he would not show up. He did his usual thing by not showing up.

I had a back-up d.j. run the evening. He took our check for $300 and said (when he did communicate prior to receiving money) let's do this off of the Groupon deal. He made it sound like he was doing us a favor.

Why this organization does not fire him is beyond me.They are all crooked.


Update, its been almost two months since the stole my money, its been about a month since I made this post.Theres been over 30 calls to the company, not only to the owner but to to every employee whos has a voice mail.

Not one call back, not a reply to any of my emails.They do not care about customer service and they do not care about their satisfaction guarantee.


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